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VL-EPM-31 (BayCat)
Reference and Support Material



Product Reference

DescriptionProduct RevisionDocument
VL-EPM-31 Hardware Reference Manual (04/09/17)
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  1. MEPM31_HRM.pdf
VL-EPM-31 Programmer's Reference Manual (01/06/17)
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  1. MEPM31_PRM.pdf
VL-EPM-31 BIOS Reference Manual (10/27/16)
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  1. MEPM31_BRM.pdf

Component Reference

TitleProduct RevisionDocument
Intel 4th Generation Atom (formerly "Bay Trail") System-on-Chip (SoC) E38xx Processor
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  1. Datasheet: Intel Atom Processor E3800 Product Family
  2. Software Support Page
  3. More Info: Intel
Intel I210-IT Gigabit Ethernet Controller
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  1. Datasheet: Intel i210-IT
  2. More Info: Intel

BIOS Reference and Downloads

BIOS updates are performed using the on-board BIOS powershell utility.
Release Date DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionsDownload
2019-08-11Release 1.03
  1. Updated core BIOS to version
  2. Update ME Firmware to version
  3. Update CPU Microcode to version M0F30679909.
  4. Removed built-in UEFI Shell.
  5. Added the Del hotkey to enter BIOS Setup.
  6. Fixed Legacy USB support in xHCI mode.
  7. Enabled xHCI (USB 3.0) by default.
  8. Added SATA hotplug option.
  9. Removed console redirection port selection.
  10. Fixed missing character in "Total Memory" field.
  11. Improved compatibility of DP ports in UEFI mode.
  12. Removed automatic S4 entry at high temperatures.
  1. 1.00 and later
  1. BIOS version 1.03 for EPM-31

Trusted Computing

DescriptionProduct RevisionDocument
Trusting Computing Group (“TCG”) Standards
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  1. TCG PC Client Specific TPM Interface
TPM overview and Atmel AT97SC3204 device
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  1. Atmel TPM Overview

White Papers

DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionDownload
Securing Embedded Systems – Trusted Platform Module
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  1. Download PDF
Designing for Harsh Environments Using COTS Products
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  1. Download PDF
The Myth: Extended Temperature Embedded Computers
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  1. Download PDF
Ultra Reliable Embedded Computing
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  1. Download PDF
The Invisible Foe – Understanding and Controlling ESD Damage
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  1. Download PDF

Product KnowledgeBase Articles

DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionsDownload
VT1844 - DisplayPort Cable BackDrive Problem
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  1. VT1844.pdf
VT1707 – System Boot Failure Troubleshooting Guide
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  1. VT1707.pdf