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Operating System: VxWorks Wind River 6.8

Kernel: WIND 2.13

Development Environment: Wind River Workbench

Compatibility: Newt / Tomcat

Release: BSP-VXW-VRTX-R1.0.0

Board Support Package (BSP) for VersaLogic SBCs based on the DMP VortexDX platform. This package includes driver support for keyboard, serial ports, IDE/CompactFlash and the RDC6040 Ethernet controller.

The file package below, is available for download to qualified VersaLogic customers. To access this software package, please submit a Software Request Form. <==
You will need to include a valid email address on the form. An email will be sent with the software download link.
File Format Date Size
ZIPBSP-VXW-VRTX-R1.00 ZIP 10/13/2011 212 KB
BSP provides driver support for keyboard, serial ports, IDE/CompactFlash, and Ethernet.
TXTChangeLog TXT 6/4/2014 0 KB
Revision history for the BSP-VXW-VRTX package.
PDFReadMe BSP-VXW-VRTX-R1.00 PDF 7/18/2018 330 KB
Prerequisites, package contents, build instructions, driver installation, hardware tested, boot instructions, expansion modules, known issues and references.