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Operating System: Windows Win XP (SP3)

Compatibility: Newt / Tomcat

Release: DRV-WXP-VRTX-R2.0.0

Driver Package (DRV) for VersaLogic SBCs based on the DMP Vortex platform. This package contains Windows XP drivers for Ethernet (all other device hardware is natively supported within Windows XP).

File Format Date Size
TXTChangeLog TXT 9/2/2011 1 KB
Revision history for the DRV-WXP-VRTX package.
ZIPDRV-WXP-VRTX-R2.00 ZIP 9/2/2011 51 KB
Windows XP drivers for the RDC PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter and the Micrel KSZ8841 PCI Ethernet Adapter.
PDFReadMe DRV-WXP-VRTX-R2.00 PDF 7/18/2018 234 KB
Hardware support, driver notes, important notes and references.