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SUMIT Series

Compact, stackable interface
Low and high-speed buses
Legacy support
Simplifies project design

SUMIT Series

Stackable Unified Module Interconnect Technology (SUMIT™) is a stackable, I/O centric expansion approach that includes both high and low speed bus signals. Signals supported by the SUMIT specification include PCIe, USB, LPC, SPI, SMBus and ExpressCard, all on one high-speed connector. An optional second connector supports additional PCIe lanes. Combined with an optional ISA connector to support legacy PC/104 expansion modules, VersaLogic's SUMIT on EBX, SUMIT on EPIC, and SUMIT on PC/104 platforms offer the best of both worlds.

SUMIT makes expansion easy, especially for custom I/O modules, by providing access to a variety of low and high-speed signals, in a compact high-reliability connector.

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Applications Support Team
  Support Information
    SUMIT Specification v1.5 (1MB - PDF)
    Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG) Website
    Single Board Computer Comparison Table (1.13MB PDF)
    White Paper: High-Performance Embedded Applications: The SUMIT Interconnect Standard (1.83MB - PDF)