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Mini PCIe Modules Products
Dual Gigabit Ethernet (VL-MPEe-E5)
Two Channel Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
1394 Firewire Module (VL-MPEe-FW1)
1394 Firewire Mini PCIe Module
Advanced GPS Receiver (VL-MPEu-G3)
Advanced GPS Receiver Mini PCIe Module
Analog Input (VL-MPEe-A1/A2)
Eight Channel Analog Input Mini PCIe Module
Ethernet (VL-MPEe-E3)
Gigabit Ethernet Mini PCIe Module
Ethernet Over Fiber (VL-MPEe-E4)
Ethernet Over Fiber Optic Cable Mini PCIe Module
GPS Receiver (VL-MPEu-G2)
GPS Receiver Mini PCIe Module
mSATA Drive (VL-MPEs-F1)
mSATA Module Up to 32 GB
SATA Adapter (VL-MPEs-S3)
mSATA Interface Module
Serial + GPIO (VL-MPEe-U2)
4 Serial Ports and 12 GPIO Lines Mini PCIe Module
Video Expansion Module (VL-MPEe-V5)
VGA and LVDS Video Mini PCIe Module
Accessory Products
VersaViewer (VL-DEV-USB-VV1)
VersaViewer Software Application provided on a bootable USB stick.
DisplayPort to LVDS (VL-EPH-V6)
Video Converter
VersaTainer (VL-ENCL-4)
Ruggedized Enclosure
USB to Audio Adapter
Development Platform
VL-PS-ATX12-300A (VL-PS-ATX12-300)
300W ATX Power Supply
200 Watt ATX style power supply