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PCM-372448-channel DIO Module

48-channel DIO Module

48-channel digital I/O module with fully buffered I/O lines.


  • 48 programmable I/O lines
  • Fully buffered high-current TTL lines
  • Rising/falling edge interrupt triggering
  • Output status readback
  • Opto 22 I/O rack plug compatible
  • Jumper selectable interrupts

Software Expertise: Reference & Software Expertise

Embedded PC/104 ModuleRoHS-compliant


The PCM-3724 provides 48 fully buffered digital input/output lines. It features Intel 8255 Mode 0 software compatibility for use with all popular software drivers.

The two 50-pin I/O connectors are plug compatible with Opto 22 type I/O racks.The PCM-3724 provides the reliability of fully buffered inputs and outputs and high drive capacity at a cost comparable with non-buffered boards.

The module’s 48 bits are divided into six 8-bit I/O ports. Each port is software configurable as an input or an output. Two hardware interrupt lines are also available.

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General Board Size 3.55" x 3.775" (PC/104 standard)
Compatibility PC/104 Opto 22 type I/O racks
Mechanical Connectors Two Opto 22 compatible 50-pin .1" headers
Digital input Logic level 0: 0.8V max.
Logic level 1:
2.0V min.
Digital output Logic level 0: 0.5V max. (@ 24 ma sink)
Logic level 1:
2.0V min. (@ 15 ma source)
Storage Temperature -20° to +85° C
Free Air Operating Temperature 0° C to +60° C
Power requirement +5V @ 90 ma typ.
Data represents information that is subject to change without given notice.

Software Support Packages

Operating System Compatibility

Win 10 - Meets Specifications
Win 8 - Tested & Compatible
Win 7 - Tested & Compatible
Win XP - Tested & Compatible
Win Std 7 - Tested & Compatible
Win XPe - Tested & Compatible
Win CE - Tested & Compatible
Debian - Tested & Compatible
Ubuntu - Tested & Compatible
Knoppix - Meets Specifications
VxWorks - Meets Specifications
Neutrino - Tested & Compatible
DOS - Tested & Compatible


Part Number Description Photo
VL-HDW-101Standoff package, 4x screws, 4x standoffs, 15mm, Metric thread
VL-HDW-203PC/104 extractor tool (metal)

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PCM-3724 48-Channel Digital I/O Module

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