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GPS Receiver (VL-MPEu-G2)

GPS Receiver  (VL-MPEu-G2)GPS Receiver Mini PCIe Module

GPS Receiver Mini PCIe Module

GPS receiver on a Mini PCIe Module. Industrial temperature.


  • Mini PCIe Module Format
    Small and flexible.
  • GPS Receiver
    Supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS. NMEA, UBX, and RTCM protocols.
  • Precision Time Reference
    GPS/atomic clock precision pulse output.
  • Industrial Temperature Operation
    -40° to +85°C operation for harsh environments.
  • MIL-STD-202G
    Qualified for high shock / vibration environments.
  • Latching Connectors
    Prevents detachment failures.
  • Class 3 Manufacturing (optional)
    IPC-A-610 Class 3 for applications requiring extreme reliability.

Software Expertise: Reference & Software Expertise

OS Compatibility: Win 10 Windows/Win 8/Win 7/Win XP, Windows Embedded Win Std 7/Win XPe/Win CE, Linux, Wind River, QNX




The VL-MPEu-G2 is an extremely small and rugged GPS module based on the industry-standard Mini PCIe module format. Unlike typical I/O expansion boards, Mini PCIe allows additional I/O functions to be added to a system with almost no increase in overall system/package size. Mini PCIe modules provide a simple, economical, and standardized way to add I/O functions to embedded computer products.


In a very small package, this GPS receiver board provides global positioning and time-stamp information in embedded systems.

This GPS receiver module delivers complete position, velocity, and time (PVT) data for use in host applications. The GPS receiver provides simultaneous 56-channel operation for stable satellite tracking and aided GPS startup for fast initial signal acquisition. Support for GPS (United States), GLONASS (Russian), Galileo, and QZSS systems provide complementary coverage to enable reliable tracking in difficult environments such as cityscape/building canyons. GPS data is available in NMEA, UBX, and RTCM protocols. The GPS data is accessed via USB.

In addition to positioning and navigation applications, GPS/GNSS signals are widely used as accurate and low-cost precision time or frequency references used by remote or distributed wireless communication, industrial, financial, and power-distribution equipment. The TIMEPULSE output generates a precision time reference via a pulse train synchronized with the GPS or UTC time grid. Linked to the satellites’ atomic clocks, this output produces intervals configurable from 0.25 Hz to 10 MHz. The high precision time reference may be used as a low frequency time synchronization pulse or as a high frequency reference signal. By default, the time pulse signal is configured to 1 pulse per second.

The standard model includes an on-board battery to retain satellite position data and support fast restart of the GPS chip. Connection to an external 3.0V battery is also supported.

This rugged product is designed and tested for full industrial temperature operation (-40º to +85ºC). It also meets MIL-STD-202G specifications for shock and vibration. Latching connectors provide additional ruggedization, making it at home in harsh environments.

This GPS receiver board is compatible with a variety of popular x86 operating systems including Windows, Windows Embedded, and Linux.

The module utilizes USB signaling and can be used in any system that supports USB signaling at the Mini PCIe socket.

It is manufactured to IPC-A-610 Class 2 standards. Class 3 versions are available for extremely-high-reliability applications.

Product customization is available, even in low quantities. Options include conformal coating, application-specific testing, BOM revision locks, special labeling, etc.

VersaLogic products are designed for use by OEMs working in a variety of market applications: Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Industrial, Security, Medical, Military, Robotics, and Transportation. Anywhere that the need for superb quality and high-performance embedded computing exists, applications include: automation, avionics, gateway, in-vehicle, monitoring, simulation, and vision.

VersaLogic delivers extremely reliable standard and customized embedded computers backed with unsurpassed service and the highest availability in the market. VersaLogic exists to exceed customers' product, service, support and delivery needs - whenever and wherever the need arises.


General Board Size Mini PCIe module (full size): 30 mm x 50.95 mm x 6.32 mm
Power Requirements 3.3V @ 0.22W (supplied from the Mini PCIe socket)
Manufacturing Standards
Standard IPC-A-610 Class 2 modified
Optional IPC-A-610 Class 3 modified
Regulatory Compliance RoHS
Mini PCIe Signal Type USB 2.0
Environmental Operating Temperature -40° to +85°C
Storage Temperature -40° to +85°C
Altitude *
Operating To 15,000 ft. (4,570m)
Storage To 40,000 ft. (12,000m)
Cooling None (fanless)
Airflow Requirements None (free air)
Thermal Shock 5°C/min. over operating temperature
Humidity Less than 95%, noncondensing
Sinusoidal Sweep
MIL-STD-202G, Method 204, Modified Condition A: 2g constant acceleration from 5 to 500 Hz, 20 min. per axis
Vibration, Random MIL-STD-202G, Method 214A, Condition A: 5.35g rms, 5 min. per axis
Mechanical Shock MIL-STD-202G, Method 213B, Condition G: 20g half-sine, 11 msec. duration per axis
Device I/O GPS/GLONASS On-board GPS/GLONASS module.
Autonomous Position 2.5m
SBAS Position 2.0m
Velocity 0.01 m/s
Startup Time
Aided Start 5 sec.
Hot Start 1 sec.
Cold Start 29 sec.
Timing Output The TIMEPULSE output generates pulse trains synchronized with the GPS time grid. The default time pulse signal is 1 pulse per second. Latching connector.
Frequency Range 0.25 Hz to 10 MHz (configurable)
Interface 3.3V TTL
Tracking -162 dBm
Reacquisition -160 dBm
Antenna U.FL antenna connector. Compatible with active antennas only. Latching connector.
Host Communication
Interface Mini PCIe – USB signaling
Protocol NMEA, UBX, RTCM
Battery – On-board On-board battery facilitates faster startup times
Battery – External Supports external 3.0V battery to facilitate faster startup times
Software Operating Systems Compatible with most x86 operating systems including Windows, Windows Embedded, and Linux
* Extended altitude specifications available upon request
† MIL-STD-202G shock and vibe levels are used to illustrate the ruggedness of this product in general. Testing to higher levels and/or different types of shock or vibration methods can be accommodated per the specific requirements of the application. Contact a VersaLogic Sales Engineer for further information.
‡ Short circuit protection
Specifications are subject to change without notification. PCI Express is a registered trademark of the PCI-SIG. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Software Support Packages

Windows Win 7

Windows Embedded Win Std 7

Operating System Compatibility

Win 10 - Tested & Compatible
Win 8 - Tested & Compatible
Win 7 - Tested & Compatible
Win XP - Tested & Compatible
Win Std 7 - Tested & Compatible
Win XPe - Tested & Compatible
Win CE - Meets Specifications
Debian - Tested & Compatible
Ubuntu - Meets Specifications
Knoppix - Meets Specifications
VxWorks - Meets Specifications
Neutrino - Meets Specifications


Part Number Description Photo
VL-CBR-0202U.FL to RP-SMA female bulkhead 3.74" (95 mm)
VL-CBR-05025-wire timing and battery cable, 12"
VL-CBR-ANT02GPS antenna with SMA connector - supports GPS signals , 5m
VL-CBR-ANT03Active antenna with SMA connector - supports GPS and GLONASS signals , 3m
VL-HDW-108Mini PCIe card / mSATA 10x hold-down screws for use with 2.5 mm standoffs, Metric thread, Nylon
VL-HDW-110Mini PCIe module 10x hold-down screws for use with 2.0 mm standoffs, Nylon

VersaLogic Mini PCIe Modules

Part Number Function Form Factor
VL-MPEe-A1E Analog Input Module, x8 channels single ended (12-bit resolution), industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEe-A2E Analog Input Module, x8 channels single ended (16-bit resolution), industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEe-E3E Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
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VL-MPEe-FW1E 1394 Firewire Module, industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEe-U2E RS-232/422/485 x4 + GPIO x12 Module, industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEe-V5E VGA and LVDS Interface, industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEs-F1E32 32 GB mSATA drive, industrial temperature (SATA signaling)MSATA
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VL-MPEs-F1E4 4 GB mSATA drive, industrial temperature (SATA signaling)MSATA
VL-MPEs-S3E SATA Adapter, industrial temperature (SATA signaling)MSATA
VL-MPEu-G2E-Z GPS Receiver, no battery, industrial temperature (USB signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEu-G3E Precision GPS Receiver, industrial temperature (USB signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEu-G3E-Z Precision GPS Receiver, no battery, industrial temperature (USB signaling)Mini PCIe

Ordering Information

Model Function Operating Temp. Digi-Key logo
VL-MPEu-G2E GPS receiver with backup battery -40° to +85°C
VL-MPEu-G2E-Z GPS receiver, no battery -40° to +85°C

Export Information

Description Value
SCHEDULE B:8471.60.7000