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VL-ENCL-5Development Platform

Development Platform

Development platform for VersaLogic embedded computers


  • Top-mounting SBCs
    Top-mounting location for SBC and expansion boards provides full access to hardware during development.
  • Supports expansion modules
    Up to two PC/104 expansion modules can be added without compromising top cover compatibility or flat panel mounting.
  • Front-mounted connectors
    Cable connectors on the front of the unit allow easy access.
  • Accommodates flat panel displays
    The optional top cover allows for mounting of flat panel displays up to 14.1.
  • System portability
    Enclosure allows containment of all system devices. Add a top cover and handles for expanded portability.
  • Accepts standard ATX power supplies
    Back panel cutout fits standard ATX power supplies and provides access to power switch and cable plug.

Software Expertise: Reference & Software Expertise


The VL-ENCL-5 development enclosure facilitates system design for engineers by providing a portable benchtop solution for containing system components. The enclosure comes with all hardware required to mount a VersaLogic SBC and standard devices such as hard drives and CD-ROM drives.

The VL-ENCL-5 is designed to work with VersaLogic EBX, EPIC, PC/104, and SUMIT single board computers. Each version includes a front panel configuration for supported SBC products (see Ordering Information for supported SBCs). All enclosures provide top-mounting of the single board computer.

VersaLogic products are designed for use by OEMs working in a variety of market applications: Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Industrial, Security, Medical, Military, Robotics, and Transportation. Anywhere that the need for superb quality and high-performance embedded computing exists, applications include: automation, avionics, gateway, in-vehicle, monitoring, simulation, and vision.

VersaLogic delivers extremely reliable standard and customized embedded computers backed with unsurpassed service and the highest availability in the market. VersaLogic exists to exceed customers' product, service, support and delivery needs - whenever and wherever the need arises.


General Material Light-gauge steel
Finish Black powder coat
Size 13W x 10.19D x 4.5H (without top, not including mounting hardware or SBC)
Expansion modules Room for 2 additional PC/104 modules with top attached and LCD panel installed
Connector Panels ENCL-5A COM (4), USB (4), LPT/floppy, PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard, audio in, audio out, digital I/O, analog I/O, LEDs, reset button
ENCL-5B COM (4), video out, LPT, PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard, Ethernet (2), LEDs, reset button, speaker
ENCL-5C COM (4), video out, LPT, Ethernet, PS/2 (2)* or USB (4)*, LEDs, reset button
ENCL-5D COM (2), USB (3), video out, audio in, audio out, power, LEDs, reset button
Drive Bays ENCL-5A 3.5 / 2.5 internal, 5.25 external
ENCL-5B 3.5 / 2.5 internal, 3.5 floppy external, 5.25 external
ENCL-5C 3.5 / 2.5 internal (2), 5.25 external
ENCL-5D 3.5 / 2.5 internal (2), 5.25 external
* Depending on cable used
Specifications are subject to change without notification. PC/104 and EPIC are trademarks of the PC/104 Consortium. SUMIT is a trademark of the SFF-SIG.


Part Number Description Photo
VL-PS200-ATX 200W ATX-style development power supply (20+4+4-pin ATX connector)
VL-ENCL-3HSHandle set for VL-ENCL-5
VL-ENCL-5LIDTilt Lid for VL-ENCL-5x development enclosure
VL-HDW-101Standoff package, 4x screws, 4x standoffs, 15mm, Metric thread
VL-HDW-105Standoff package, 0.6", Metric thread
VL-HDW-203PC/104 extractor tool (metal)

Ordering Information

Model Compatibility Digi-Key logo
VL-ENCL-5A Cobra
VL-ENCL-5B Cheetah
VL-ENCL-5C Cougar/Komodo/Manx/Python/Sidewinder/Tomcat
VL-ENCL-5D Ocelot and Tiger