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CMTL to provide VersaLogic Corp with advanced memory testing

Tualatin, OR –March 21, 2017–VersaLogic Corp has contracted with CMTL (Computer Memory Test Labs) for advanced memory module certification. VersaLogic Corp, a manufacturer of high reliability embedded computer boards, will be utilizing CMTL's advanced memory testing processes for each new product they release. These include:

  • Advanced Certification testing for standard temperature platforms (0° to +60°C)
  • Advanced Industrial Certification testing for industrial temperature platforms (-40° to +85°C)

"Previously VersaLogic has qualified some memory components in house, as part of the product development cycle" said Gary Harris, Director of Technology at VersaLogic. "But as memory density increases, and timing requirements become tighter, we are delighted to work with a specialist who is completely focused on memory module issues."

The agreement with CMTL benefits VersaLogic with reduced development cycles, and VersaLogic's customers will have access to a wider range of modules that have been tested and certified with specific VersaLogic products. This is especially valuable with applications that are operating in hostile environments and need to leverage the full -40° to +85°C temperature range.

VersaLogic Chief Operating Officer Bruce McKinnon noted, "Partnering with CMTL compliments VersaLogic's steadfast commitment to providing our customers with a broad selection of high-reliability products. Expanding the list of certified memory options goes hand-in-hand with meeting customer expectations for performance, quality, compliance and long-term availability."

CMTL President John Deters stated, "I totally understand why VersaLogic has been successful as the leading embedded computer long term reliability (7 to 20 years) platform solution provider. VersaLogic's commitment to product quality and process control is unwavering. The testing that we're doing for them is our most rigorous 'server level' certification."

About CMTL

CMTL was established in 1996 as an independent third party test lab to ensure memory product compatibility and functionality on computer platforms. To date CMTL has completed over 25,000 memory product functionality and compatibility tests. For more information visit www.cmtlabs.com.

About VersaLogic

VersaLogic Corp. built its reputation on very high reliability embedded computer products and superior service. A 40-year history of consistency has earned VersaLogic the reputation of being the industry's most trusted embedded computer company. VersaLogic delivers state-of-the-art embedded computers, coupled with expert technical support, for critical long-life markets such as the medical and defense industries. For more information, visit www.VersaLogic.com.