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White Papers

Embedded computer developers can utilize these white papers to assist with their computer board, CPU and software design and selection. The papers offer tips, tricks and advice for engineers at every stage of development.

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Title Format Size
Securing Embedded Systems - Trusted Platform Module PDF 1 page
Systems are at risk with software-only security: A Root of Trust is needed Root of Trust is a set of functions that control a cryptographic processor Fact: Software can be hacked by software Fact: Hardware can be made to be robust against attacks Fact: Hardware and software combined are much more secure
The Myth: Extended Temperature Embedded Computers PDF 5 pages
If an SBC supplier labels their product as "extended temperature", then it will be reliable in the field. Right?
The Invisible Foe - Understanding and Controlling ESD Damage PDF 6 pages
Learn how to identify potential sources of ESD loss, establish effective ESD controls, and improve product reliability.
Ultra Reliable Embedded Computing PDF 7 pages
The Clash between IPC Class 3 Requirements and Shrinking Geometries
What Is SUMIT™? PDF 202 KB
Paper intoducing the SUMIT interconnect system.
Implications of Migrating to Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) in Embedded Applications PDF 0 pages
A technical white paper comparing WES7 and WES2009 in regards to building and deploying a fully-functional Windows Embedded image on a target device.
High-Performance Embedded Applications: The SUMIT Standard PDF 1.9 MB
Embedded designers of high-performance systems must incorporate growing numbers and types of I/O in smaller and smaller off-the-shelf and semi-custom boards, while keeping their design platforms flexible enough to accommodate a variety of designs, including some that must maintain compatibility with legacy I/O. The SUMIT interconnect technology provides such a solution and is supported by the SFF-SIG.
Benchmarking a Real-Time Linux Kernel PDF 28 pages
Investigating the latency effects of real-time preemption patches (PREEMPT_RT) to the Linux kernel on the AMD Geode LX processor platform.
Designing for Harsh Environments Using COTS Products PDF 3 pages
Considerations regarding the proper selection of products, temperature and environmental stress screening, and suitable thermal management practices for COTS products in harsh environments.
Designing Electronic Medical Devices for Extended Lifecycles Using Off-the-Shelf SBCs PDF 3 pages
Designing for extended lifecycles using COTS equipment in electronic medical devices.
Express104 Modules Upgrade PC/104 Installed Base with SUMIT Interface PDF 4 pages
The new SUMIT interface is a highly flexible, modular, well-engineered approach that is independent of form factor or processor architecture. A first example of its utility is in the new Express104 specification.
Mitigation of Tin Whiskers in VersaLogic Products PDF 1 page
RoHS legislation and the need for lead-free soldering processes has lead to a renewed interest in tin whiskers.
Simplified Flat Panel Setup PDF 1 page
Using a VersaLogic embedded computer and FPDs with FlatLink™ or PanelLink™.
Platform Considerations PDF 2 pages
PC/104 or EBX? Both platforms offer design advantages for different types of applications.
Remote Boot Applications PDF 4 pages
Argon Technology discusses remote management of VersaLogic embedded computers with their Managed Boot Agent firmware.