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How We Do Business

Company policies on international sales, warranties,
customization, credit terms, and more.


Selecting an embedded hardware vendor can be a decision that affects a company for years to come. As an industry leader for over 40 years, VersaLogic stands by their business practices as part of our commitment to outstanding service and strong values.



Evaluation Policy

Some VersaLogic products are available for 45 day evaluation at no cost or obligation to qualified / approved OEMs. We encourage you to "test drive" our products.

Please Note:

  • To qualify for a full refund, products must be returned as originally supplied. Products which have been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, or unauthorized repair, as determined by VersaLogic, whether by accident or intent, are not eligible for return.
  • Evals are limited to single quantities of a specific product.
  • Customers are invoiced at the FULL cost of the product/s. The Eval Policy gives customers a 45-day right to return for a full refund.
  • An Evaluation Survey is mandatory and must be completed before product can be returned and the account credited.
  • Please contact VersaLogic's Technical Sales department for a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number before returning any eval product(s) to us.

For more information, contact our Technical Sales department (info@versalogic.com) or call (503) 747-2261 with your requirements.



VersaLogic Modified COTs Policy

We can modify or selectively populate our standard products to add features or lower cost. Modification is available for select OEM customers for quantities as low as 100 pieces at a nominal cost. Fully custom product engineering is also available. If a customer cannot use standard products to meet their requirements, we can usually provide a very competitive bid on fully custom CPU or I/O type products.

Contact our Technical Sales department (info@versalogic.com) with your requirements for more information.



Quality Assurance

VersaLogic is committed to providing customers the highest quality products and service in the industry. We uphold this commitment through attention to detail at every level:

  • Qualification process for all materials and components used in the design and manufacture of our products.
  • Quality audits of all production lots sent to and returned from manufacturing.
  • Strict in-house process controls and document control practices.

The high Mean-Time Between Failure (MTBF) ratings for VersaLogic products, VDC’s Platinum Vendor rating for service, and our many long-term customers are evidence of our dedication to uphold our quality standards.


Extended Lifecycle Policy

Product longevity is a serious concern for most OEM users. This concern is addressed by VersaLogic at the earliest stages of design. The considerations for a long product lifecycle include:

  • Designs which use standard multi-sourced parts from US based sources whenever possible
  • Close ties with our vendors to assure a constant supply of components and early notification of any phase-out plans
  • A commitment to redesign products when needed so that a replacement product is available when the original product can no longer be manufactured.

    Custom and modified COTs products are generally available for the same period as off-the-shelf products, typically five or more years from the initial product release. Product discontinuations that occur in this time frame are normally due to the discontinuation of a key component used in the product. VersaLogic will not discontinue designs that are otherwise manufacturable while existing customers are still using the product.

Five Year Availability Guarantee

To achieve these goals, VersaLogic warrants the following:

  • VersaLogic will not discontinue, for reasons within our control, the manufacture of any products for at least five years from the original introduction date.
  • That VersaLogic will not discontinue, for reasons within our control, the manufacture of any product that is being purchased at a rate of 100 or more pieces per year by any single customer.
  • That VersaLogic will guarantee to fill any open orders on our books per the current release schedule for at least one year regardless of the volume. (Subject to a signed NCNR - non-cancelable non-returnable - agreement.)
  • VersaLogic will modify/replace an existing design for any customer purchasing in excess of 500 units/year at our expense if the original product cannot otherwise be produced and do so in such a manner so as to provide an uninterrupted and continuous supply of product to the customer.

The VersaLogic Product Lifecycle chart provides a lifecycle overview for all of our SBCs and is available for download as an Acrobat Reader document.

Last Time Buys

In the unfortunate case when a critical component is discontinued by the manufacturer, and a second source is not available, VersaLogic will notify all users of the product and facilitate a "last buy" of the component. This last purchase of the component can be in any quantity and can allow VersaLogic to continue production of the product for some time (based on the customers’ requirements).

Product Lifecycle Management Program

The VersaLogic Product Lifecycle Management Program provides an overview of VersaLogic's proactive product lifecycle planning and is available for download as an Acrobat Reader document.



Product Availability

VersaLogic normally maintains most products in stock. Evaluation and small quantity orders are usually shipped within 24 hours (one business day). Blanket orders with scheduled deliveries are welcomed for OEM users.

Orders may be placed directly with VersaLogic or through your local representative. For current product availability contact our order desk between 8 and 5 daily (Pacific Time) at (503) 747-2261. You may send inquiries and orders via fax to (971) 224-4708 or via e-mail to info@versalogic.com.


VersaLogic Corporation Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

VersaLogic's Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale document is available for download as an Acrobat Reader document by clicking the link below.

Download: VersaLogic_Standard_Terms_and_Conditions_of_Sale.pdf



International Sales Policy

The international sales policy applies to direct sales to international customers only. Sales through distributors are subject to terms and conditions set by the distributor.

Terms and Conditions

  • Application support, sales, and technical support are handled directly by VersaLogic.
  • Pricing and payment is in US Dollars.
  • All international invoices are sent via email, email address for finance contact is required.

Payment Options

  • Credit Card. (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.)
  • Wire Transfer prepaid in advance ($30.00 bank processing fee assessed in addition to other charges)
  • Open account, 30-day terms (subject to credit approval). The minimum order to open an account needs to be at least $2500.

Shipping Terms and Carriers

All shipments shall be F.O.B. VersaLogic's place of business, via common carrier, freight prepaid or freight collect to destination. If shipped freight prepaid, the charge for freight will be added to the invoice, with taxes and duties to be the sole responsibility of the consignee. All shipments will be insured at consignee's expense, unless other arrangements are made at the time the order is placed.

  • Federal Express.
  • United Parcel Service.

Technical Support & Warranty Repair

Technical support is available by calling (503) 747-2261 or via email correspondence at support@versalogic.com. Although VersaLogic will continue to offer standard warranties on product(s) purchased, the customer is fully responsible for shipping (including taxes and duties, if any) to and from the factory for both warranty and non-warranty repairs on merchandise sold internationally.



Open Account Application

All credit sales are on a "Net 30" basis, and credit will be granted for 30 days from date obligation is incurred (shipment date). Amounts due on account, for which payments reach VersaLogic within the specified 30 day period, will not be subject to any additional interest or carrying charges. For any payment reaching VersaLogic after the date due, accounts will be charged interest on the amount due from the date that the debit was incurred. Should receipt of payment not be received when due, the interest and late charges assessed by VersaLogic are due immediately upon notification of such charges. Further, if any payment on an account is not paid by the date due (including regular and late charge invoices), any additional costs of collecting such amounts, including attorney's fees and court costs will be assessed.

The minimum order to open an account needs to be at least $2,500. For orders under $2,500, a credit card, prepayment, or COD may be used. The credit application review processing normally requires 7–10 business days to complete.

VersaLogic Corp. Online Credit Application
(to be printed and faxed for processing)