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Customer Comments

At VersaLogic Corp., we value our customers in the embedded computer markets—hearing their success stories means a lot to us. Because they have taken the time to tell us how much they appreciate the quality of our products, we would like to share their comments with everyone. Our customers are embedded system designers and integrators from a wide variety of companies, including a number of Fortune 500 firms. VersaLogic Corp. is at the forefront of the rugged embedded computer market and is committed to providing the best board-level products for embedded applications—now and into the future.

Great Service, Great Products

We at CaridianBCT have always enjoyed excellent quality of product, and service, from VersaLogic. The VSBC-6 was first introduced into our Trima product in 2003, and since then has been the main computing platform in all our new products. This fact alone speaks volumes about our faith in the product. It was VersaLogic’s dedication to customer satisfaction that led us to use their products initially. In the medical device industry, we are required to manufacture products of the utmost reliability, since lives depend on them, and we have found that the VSBC-6 meets, and exceeds, this criterion.

~ Joe Zanre , Lead Engineer - CaridianBCT

Unbeatable Service

VersaLogic has – and continues – to provide top notch products backed with unsurpassed customer service. We at ASC Signal have been very pleased with our relationship over the past 9+ years and look forward to our continued relationship as new product opportunities arise.

~ Dave Johnson, Sr. Electrical Design Engineer - ASC Signal Corp.

Amazing Customer Support

I have worked for about 35 years in the industry and I can unequivocally say that you are the best tech support person [referring to John Simpson, Customer Support Technician] I have come across! Bravo! If you need any reference any time, don't hesitate to call on me. Mark B. [from Eaton Automotive Innovation Center] was not kidding when he referred me to you.

~ Mohan S. Radhamohan, Sr. Principal Engineer - Eaton Corp.

Customer Appreciation

Wow, you guys are awesome! Tell your team we said thank you for expediting for us ... it's always a pleasure to do business with you!

~ Dana Dethloff, VP Operations - Future Concepts I.S., Inc.

Excellent Follow-Up

No one from our previous embedded computer vendor ever called or offered assistance and it took weeks before I received any help. I appreciate VersaLogic's follow-up calls, on time assistance and friendly attitude. The VSBC-8 will someday replace every board we have in the field and VersaLogic will continue to be our main choice for embedded hardware.

~ Curtis Parish, Engineer - Preiser Scientific

Thanks for Going the Extra Mile

I just wanted to thank Adrian Frost for his assistance with my hardware issue. He responded quickly and he kept my work number one while assisting me. Please pass along my thank you to him for going that extra mile for me and my company.

~ Morris J. Dodge, Planner - Sonoma Design Group

Best Support Ever

In all of my years of working with hardware I can say that I have never experienced this level of support before. In the time that it usually takes to get an initial technical support response, you and your team have managed to pinpoint the problem then modify and deliver a new BIOS revision. Very impressive response time! You have certainly sold me on VersaLogic! I pushed to get an order in right away due to the fact that if you treat all of your customers this good, you just might sell out of product!

~ Rob Dimick, Software Engineer - Squid Ink Manufacturing

Most Recommended Company

VersaLogic is the most recommended place to contact when embedded systems are mentioned.

~ Chris McQuiggan, Design Engineer - Tremont Medical

Value Driven

I had two different CompactFlash adapters to evaluate in my book, one from VersaLogic and a cheaper one from another company. The other company's adapter was very poor quality. Yours is definitely worth the extra money. Because I preferred your adapter, I worked with it exclusively in the systems that I developed.

~ Dr. Craig Hollabaugh, Author - Embedded Linux

Excellent Sales Support

I have made quite a few calls for support before and after ordering products from you and I have to say that it has been a real joy dealing with you guys. The answers you provided have been delivered swiftly, completely, and accurately. The hardware we ordered was delivered, configured, and online in record time. After dealing with several manufacturers and vendors over the years your level of quality in customer support really stands out and in my opinion is extremely rare. Keep up the excellent work!!!

~ Reinhardt Wing, Computer Engineer - Sparta, Inc.

Outstanding Support

I would like to recognize VersaLogic and specifically John Simpson for providing excellent support in addressing technical challenges and problem resolutions with the VSBC-8 assembly. The VersaLogic team was very professional and helpful throughout the process. They documented the problem accurately, provided timely updates and quick turnaround to get our production back on track. The support and successful conclusion of this issue is appreciated.

~ Malcom Moulds, QA Manager - Terumo Medical Corp.

Great Supplier

VersaLogic has been one of my suppliers for the past 10 years. Regardless of the complexity of the issue at hand, technical, material or whatever, the resolve is always quick, accurate and direct.

~ George Bond, Analogic Corp.

Unbeatable Support

VersaLogic tech support is second to none.

~ Chris Duke, VP of R&D - Cement Test Equipment

Quality Matters

The EBX-11 product is performing well as a key element in our current system architecture, and we expect that future SBC offerings from VersaLogic can provide the same quality and performance for our systems as functionality is enhanced. In addition, VersaLogic Sales and Customer Support have consistently responded to our product development needs in a timely and helpful manner. This is in contrast to our experiences with many of the other embedded hardware vendors.

~ Jonathan Germon, Hardware Engineer - TeraHop Networks

Built-In Support

We've been happy with the support. It has been very valuable and is a reason to continue to work with VersaLogic. The product itself has had a few minor issues but nothing substantial worth noting. The biggest issues have been around integration into our device and it has been essential to have support from Versalogic during this phase. As we consider the replacement to the VSBC-8k board, this is a very important factor.

~ Curt E., Engineer - Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.

VersaLogic Performs

We have been using the VSBC-8 in real-time motion control in aerospace applications for about 6 years. We chose this product because of its compact footprint and high analog and digital I/O density. We have always been pleased with Versalogic's commitment to customer support and their willingness to address customer issues.

~ Terry Dyer, Engineer - Advanced Integration Technology

Built Solid

Through a mix-up with the MIL-STD testers, they “drowned” one of our units during the IPX7 testing. At least two inches of water was stagnant in our unit for a few days before they returned it to us. Every internal component was drenched and covered with the remnants of thermal paste, etc. I dried out the Falcon unit, cleaned it thoroughly with some electronics cleaner and was able to successfully power it up with no issues. Have been running tests on it to ensure full capabilities and haven’t found any issues yet! Great job on that board.

~ Jim G., Lead Engineer -

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