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Harsh Industrial Environments Demand Rugged Reliability

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Industrial equipment needs to perform flawlessly, night and day, under even the most extreme conditions. Whether designed for the manufacturing floor, clean room, or the field, products that use VersaLogic embedded computers can be counted to last through many years of production.

Every VersaLogic product is designed from the ground up for high reliability, manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards, and backed by world-class service, 5 year warranty, and a 5+ year production life guarantee.

Whether an embedded application needs a standard off-the-shelf product or a customized version, the skilled technical staff at VersaLogic work hard to accommodate even the most demanding specifications. Contact VersaLogic Sales for more information.

Control System Helps Ensure Trouble-Free Cementing Operations in a Range of Conditions and Environments

One of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry is using VersaLogic single board computers in their rugged cement flow control systems. Cement control systems monitor and adjust the flow and density of cement. A vital tool in the construction industry, cement flow control systems are used to ensure that cement jobs are delivered exactly as planned.

After experiencing failures due to shock and vibration, engineers working on a new generation of cement flow control systems turned to VersaLogic for help. Using VersaLogic’s rugged SBCs and knowledgeable technical support team, the manufacturer was able to quickly improve system reliability and meet stringent shock, vibration, and temperature requirements. To help ease the transition from their previous SBC supplier, VersaLogic created a custom BIOS so that the VersaLogic SBC would emulate the SBC being replaced.

Autonomous Mobile Robotic System Features VersaLogic Single Board Computer

A designer and manufacturer of mobile robotic systems is using VersaLogic embedded computers in its line of autonomous robots. Autonomous mobile robots are used in a wide range of environments and functions including amphibious, all-terrain, all-weather, and heavy-payload. These robots are designed to work autonomously under extreme conditions without failure.

VersaLogic’s Single Board Computers (SBCs) are embedded into a number of mobile robot designs capable of performing some amazing tasks. One mobile robot design is capable of collaborating with other robots in order to lift objects too heavy for any one individual robot to move by itself. Some models come complete with speech systems, processor, image processing, and navigation systems. Mobile robot designs require rugged, high performance, low power embedded computers in the smallest possible form factors. VersaLogic SBCs deliver on all counts. Plus, the industry-standard format of VersaLogic boards allows end-users of the robotic systems to choose from dozens of add-on boards for increased I/O, frame grabbers, sound, and more.

Resistance Welding Equipment

Using a VersaLogic Embedded Processing Unit (EPU), a leading manufacturer of automated welding equipment is setting new standards in product performance and design efficiency. Resistance welding equipment and special resistance welding machines such as resistance seam welders require rugged embedded computers to handle control and monitoring functions. VersaLogic’s EPUs offer a complete embedded computer in an extremely small format. They provide an excellent solution for factory automation equipment, such as automated welding equipment, that requires compact solutions that can withstand high temperature, impact, and vibration.

By using a rugged VersaLogic EPU that includes processor, memory, I/O, and heat dissipation options, system engineers were able to easily add high-performance capabilities to their existing system design. The Plug-and-Play capability of the VersaLogic EPU, and its backward compatibility with older VersaLogic boards, allowed system engineers to quickly upgrade their design – significantly reducing development time.

Rugged Performance for 3D Amusement Ride Camera System

VersaLogic products are found in some of the most brutal, dangerous and demanding environments on the planet … including some places that offer a measure of fright and fun. The next time you find yourself screaming along at 60 mph on a roller coaster, smile – your photo may be taken by a 3D camera powered by a VersaLogic embedded processing unit (EPU).

Engineers are using a VersaLogic EPU in the latest 3D amusement ride camera systems. Roughly the size of a credit card and less than one inch thick, VersaLogic EPUs deliver the embedded industry’s smallest, lightest, ultra-rugged embedded x86 computer. Able to withstand the shock and vibration of even the most terrifying rollercoaster, VersaLogic EPUs are a perfect choice for harsh environments. In addition to rugged reliability, VersaLogic EPUs deliver enough horsepower to easily handle demanding video processing requirements.

Emissions Monitoring/Control Systems for the Power Generation Industry

Constantly evolving regulations and mounting pressures to reduce pollution are driving the demand for more sophisticated equipment to monitor and control emissions in the power generation industry. Engineers at a manufacturer of monitoring/control solutions for power plants have designed a rugged, state-of-the-art data controller system for monitoring emissions. This new high- performance system is based on a VersaLogic single board computer (SBC).

By using a VersaLogic SBC to upgrade an existing data controller design, the engineers were able to replace an aging architecture with a standards-based PC/104-Plus solution. Not only were they able to upgrade the features and performance of their design, the VersaLogic SBC gave them the flexibility to replicate their legacy I/O. The new data controller provides a modernized interface to easily control calibration functions and I/O settings. Functions performed by the controller include daily calibrations, data calculations, and data storage.

Precision Engineered Fueling Systems

A leader in the field of precision engineered pumps and liquid metering technologies is relying on VersaLogic to supply rugged embedded computing solutions for their monitoring systems. Industrial fluid monitoring systems are used to measure and dispense high value liquids, gases and solids. These rugged systems are designed to handle corrosive, abrasive, viscous, extreme temperature, fine particle and many other challenging applications.

Engineers working on a redesign of an existing fuel management and control system selected a VersaLogic single board computer (SBC) to replace their incumbent board. The engineers’ decision was based not only on the technical strengths of the VersaLogic product, but more importantly on the technical expertise and support offered by VersaLogic. VersaLogic engineers were able to help the manufacturer smoothly transition to the new VersaLogic SBC by assisting with both software and hardware development. Furthermore, VersaLogic technical experts helped guide the manufacturer through their transition to a Linux operating system.

Mobile Video Graphics Display Driven by VersaLogic Single Board Computer (SBC)

A VersaLogic single board computer (SBC) has been designed into an innovative advertising media that integrates video, internet, and GPS technology. The system is a mobile video graphics display module that mounts to the top of taxicabs and receives advertising media through a wireless internet connection. The system uses GPS to identify its location and change advertising messages to correspond with advertiser's geographic selections.

The VersaLogic SBC integrated into the display, controls the ultra-bright LCD and coordinates communication with the central server and GPS system. The SBC integrates video, audio, RAM, Ethernet, USB ports, COM ports, analog/digital I/O, and sockets for on-board media storage. VersaLogic’s rugged small form-factor SBCs are ideal for mobile applications that require outstanding reliability, extended temperature range and low power consumption.

Outdoor LED Transportation Signage

LED Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) systems are being used by a growing number of U.S. and Canadian transportation agencies as a way to provide motorists with real-time information about road and traffic conditions. Installed along highways, these signs require extended temperature range, long lifecycle support, and high reliability – in other words, a perfect application for VersaLogic embedded computers.

After several costly field failures, a manufacturer of LED DMS systems turned to VersaLogic to provide high reliability, rugged embedded computers for their new line of dynamic message signage. VersaLogic’s technical support during the development stage, combined with industry leading product reliability, helped the manufacturer to eliminate the source of field failures. Products installed outdoors in remote locations, such as along highways, are very costly to service and repair. By improving system reliability, manufacturers can significantly reduce the number of costly field repairs and service calls.

Monitor Structures using a Laptop or Phone, From Anywhere in the World

A manufacturer of remote monitoring systems is using VersaLogic’s rugged embedded processing units (EPUs) to increase reliability and reduce development time. The manufacturer designs and develops systems that automatically take measurements, create graphs and reports, and posts the information to the Internet. These systems are installed on bridges, skyscrapers, and other structures around the world.

Working under an accelerated development schedule, the manufacturer relied on VersaLogic to supply a complete solution for their CPU and I/O requirements. VersaLogic’s EPUs provide a complete embedded computer -- including processor, memory, and I/O. By using the VersaLogic EPU, engineers were able eliminate the need to build their own custom I/O board – thus significantly reducing development time and effort.

Embedded Computer
  • EBX format
  • Intel Core i7 processor (2.3 GHz)
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet
  • Mini PCIe card socket
  • Industrial temp. version
Embedded Computer
  • EPIC format
  • Intel Atom D425 (single core) or D525 (dual core) processor
  • High-performance video
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet
  • DDR3 RAM (up to 2 GB)
Embedded Computer
  • EPIC format
  • DMP Vortex86DX processor (800 MHz)
  • Fast Ethernet (1 or 2 ports)
  • Soldered-on DDR2 RAM (up to 1 GB)
  • USB 2.0 (up to 4 ports)
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