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Long-Life COTS Solutions for Mission-Critical Land, Sea, and Air Applications

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VersaLogic engineers know about building dependable, high reliability embedded computers for mission critical applications. Some of the most sophisticated and high profile military and aerospace equipment used today has been designed with a VersaLogic embedded computer inside.

Every VersaLogic product is designed from the ground up for high reliability, manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards, and backed by world-class service, 5 year warranty, and a 5+ year production life guarantee.

Whether an embedded application needs a standard off-the-shelf product or a customized version, the skilled technical staff at VersaLogic work hard to accommodate even the most demanding specifications. Contact VersaLogic Sales for more information.

High Processing Power, Advanced Graphics Capabilities, and Fanless Operation for Rugged Display Station

A leading manufacturer of high-performance, state-of-the-art display systems and graphics controllers is using VersaLogic embedded computers in its rugged, high performance display stations. The display stations are designed for use in naval, airborne, and ground-based command and control facilities. It incorporates a rugged LCD with a VersaLogic SBC, and custom daughtercard into one space-saving standalone unit. Standard features of the display include network radar broadcasting, LCD display capabilities, an application-specific expansion slot (ASES), and "thin client" and "thick client" functionality. The ASES modular approach allows for mission-specific customization, future functionality expansion and technology upgrades.

Primarily used in military command centers, the graphic display station required a single board computer (SBC) that would be able to handle high shock and vibration. VersaLogic SBCs offered the reliability and rugged features needed for the application. The small form factor and standard interface of the VersaLogic board allowed engineers to easily integrate the SBC into their system while maintaining the high reliability required by the military. Furthermore, VersaLogic's outstanding customer service and product availability made it easy to get their product to market on time.

Video Processing for Helmet Mounted Display

A leading supplier of Helmet Mounted Displays (HMDs) for military aerospace applications is using a VersaLogic single board computer (SBC) for video processing and control functions in their latest helmet design. The new display system is a powerful video processing solution and is the world’s only full-color, helmet-mounted cueing system. The system provides for rapid target recognition and easy hand-off to sensors and weapons systems.

To enhance vibration protection, VersaLogic customized the SBC by installing latching connectors, replacing jumpers with zero-ohm resistors, and conformally coating key components. In addition, VersaLogic’s record of on-time production deliveries, product lifecycle management, and its product longevity guarantee benefited the customer by reducing inventory costs and ensuring future product availability.

VersaLogic SBC Powers System Used to Monitor Environments for Traces of Biological and Chemical Weapons

Biological agent attacks have the potential to cause catastrophic effects. The Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS) is designed to help mitigate these effects and ensure the safety of troops on the field of battle. The specific function of JBPDS is to provide biological agent point detection, identification, and sampling capability for both fixed-site and mobile operations. The system is intended to detect biological agents in less than one minute and identify the agents in less than 15 minutes. Highly rugged and reliable, VersaLogic SBCs are being used in the latest generation of JBPDS systems.

VersaLogic’s engineering resources customized the SBC to meet the stringent requirements of the system. Leveraging VersaLogic’s U.S.-based support team, the manufacturer was able to accelerate their development efforts and improve system performance.

VersaLogic Single Board Computer (SBC) Soars with New Generation UAV

The developer of a first-generation radio controlled, electrically powered, dual-ducted Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft is using VersaLogic embedded computers for on-board control and monitoring functions. Weighing less than six pounds, the UAV can be carried in a backpack or small case and is equipped with a fully-functional GPS system for autonomous flight and position control. These small and nimble UAVs are able to fly into tight spaces, hover, capture video images, and send real-time data back to the user. Optional night vision cameras allow them to be flown into caves, dark buildings, and tunnels.

A VersaLogic SBC plays a key role in this highly flexible UAV. Among other things, the VersaLogic board is used to control and maintain the delicate thrust and angle balance of the powerful dual-duct system used to propel the vehicle. The high performance processing power of the SBC allows the UAV’s fans to counter-rotate, eliminating the torque that is normally associated with a single rotor. This makes the vehicle easier to fly than most electrically powered helicopters, while delivering significantly more payload.

Embedded Computer
  • PC/104-Plus format
  • Intel Atom E38xx processor
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports
  • Mini PCIe Socket with mSATA support
Embedded Computer
  • Intel Atom E38xx processor
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports
  • Analog input (8 channels)
  • Wide Input Power 8 to 30 V DC
Embedded Computer
  • PCIe/104 OneBank format
  • 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor (“Kaby Lake”) Dual-core
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet
  • Intel vPro Active Management Technology (AMT) out-of-band management.
  • TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Hardware Security
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