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Raven (VL-EPU-3312)

Raven  (VL-EPU-3312)Atom

Atom "Bay Trail" based Embedded Processing Unit - Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Low power Intel Atom Bay Trail E3845, E3827, or E3815 system with up to 4 GB RAM, TPM, dual GbE, USB 3.0, four USB 2.0 ports, SATA, and dual Mini PCIe Sockets with mSATA support.


  • Wide Range Voltage Input
    Accepts 8 to 30 volts DC with OVP, reverse polarity protection, and RF noise filtering.
  • High-performance Video
    Integrated Intel Gen 7 graphics core supports DirectX 11, OpenGL 4, and H.264, MPEG-2 encoding/decoding. Mini DisplayPort++ and LVDS video outputs. LVDS backlight control.
  • Network
    Dual Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). One port with remote boot support.
  • SATA
    3 Gb/s SATA port supports bootable SATA hard drive.
  • Mini PCIe Card Sockets
    Dual full-sized sockets. Supports A/D, Wi-Fi modems, GPS, MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet, flash data storage with auto-detect mSATA flash storage support, and other mini PCIe modules.
  • MicroSD Socket
    Supports removable microSD card solid-state drives.
  • Industrial I/O
    One USB 3.0 port and four USB 2.0 ports support keyboard, mouse, and other devices. Four RS-232/422/485 serial ports, three 8254 timer/counters, and I2C support.
  • Analog + Digital I/O
    On-board data acquisition support. Eight multi-range analog inputs and eight 3.3V digital I/O lines.
  • SPI Interface
    Supports SPI and SPX devices, including low cost analog and digital modules.
  • Intel Atom "Bay Trail" Processor
    Up to 1.9 GHz clock rate. Quad-, dual-, or single-core options. Low power consumption.
  • Fanless Operation
    No moving parts required for CPU cooling in most configurations.
  • Trusted Platform Module
    On-board TPM security chip can lock out unauthorized hardware and software.
  • RAM
    Up to 4 GB soldered-down DDR3L RAM.
    Up to 8 GB of on-board eMMC flash storage.
  • Industrial Temperature Operation
    -40° to +85°C operation for harsh environments
  • MIL-STD-202G
    Qualified for high shock/vibration environments.
  • Software Support
    Compatible with a variety of popular x86 operating systems including Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, and VxWorks.

Software Expertise: Reference & Software Expertise




The Raven is a compact, rugged board-level embedded computer. It has been engineered and tested to meet the military and medical industries' evolving requirements to develop smaller, lighter, and lower power embedded systems while adhering to stringent regulatory standards. Approximately four inches square and one inch thick, the Raven is a member of the VersaLogic family of small, light, ultra-rugged embedded x86 computers. This embedded computer, equipped with an Intel Atom E38xx "Bay Trail" processor, is designed to withstand extreme temperature, impact, and vibration.

Available in single-, dual-, and quad-core versions, the Raven provides great performance and I/O features, moderate power consumption (6 to 8W typical depending on model), and a compact package. The Raven provides compatibility with a broad range of standard x86 application development tools for reduced development time.

A wide input voltage range of 8 to 30 volts simplifies system power supply requirements. The Raven is fully compatible with 12 or 24V vehicle applications. In addition, Reverse Voltage Protection, and Over Voltage Protection enhances field durability and reliability.

Designed and tested for industrial temperature (-40° to +85°C) operation, the rugged Raven also meets MIL-STD-202G specifications for shock and vibration. Soldered-on RAM and latching SATA, Ethernet, power, and main I/O connectors provide additional ruggedization for use in harsh environments.

Raven is compatible with a variety of popular x86 operating systems including Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, and VxWorks.

Product customization is available, even in low OEM quantities. Options include conformal coating, BGA underfill, BIOS/ splash screen configuration, application specific testing, BOM revision locks, custom labeling, etc.

VersaLogic products are designed for use by OEMs working in a variety of market applications: Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Industrial, Security, Medical, Military, Robotics, and Transportation. Anywhere that the need for superb quality and high-performance embedded computing exists, applications include: automation, avionics, gateway, in-vehicle, monitoring, simulation, and vision.

VersaLogic delivers extremely reliable standard and customized embedded computers backed with unsurpassed service and the highest availability in the market. VersaLogic exists to exceed customers' product, service, support and delivery needs - whenever and wherever the need arises.


General Board Size 95 x 95 x 27 mm (3.74 x 3.74 x 1.08")
Weight 200 grams (7.05 oz.)
Processor Intel Atom E38xx platform. 512K 8-way L2 cache per core. Intel 64-bit instructions, Virtualization Technology (VT), and new AES instructions.
Battery Connection for 3.0V RTC backup battery
Power Requirements (@ +12V)
Model Idle Typical Max. S3
VL-EPU-3312-EAP 5.8W 6.0W 6.2W 1.1W
VL-EPU-3312-EBP 6.4W 6.8W 7.2W 1.1W
VL-EPU-3312-EDP 6.7W 7.8W 8.9W 1.1W
Input Voltage 8V–30V DC
Input Protections Over-voltage protection. Self resetting when input falls to a safe level Reverse voltage input protection to -30V RF noise filtering (900 MHz, 2.5/5 GHz) – Minimum of 30 dB RF attenuation above 100 MHz Transient voltage protection (inductive kickback / lightning) clamp at ~+60V / -40V – MSL level 1, per J-STD-020, LF maximum peak of 260°C
System Reset & Hardware Monitors All voltage rails monitored. Watchdog timer with programmable timeout.
Push-button reset and power.
Regulatory Compliance RoHS (2011/65/EU)
Environmental Thermal Management Bolt-on heat plate standard. Optional heat sink, fan, heat pipe, and other thermal accessories available.
Operating Temperature
Model Heat Plate** Heat Sink Heat Sink + Fan
All Models -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +85°C

Ranges shown assume 90% CPU utilization. For detailed thermal information, refer to the VL-EPU-3312 Reference Manual.
**Heat plate must be kept below 90°C

Airflow Requirements Refer to the VL-EPU-3312 Reference Manual for detailed airflow requirements.

Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C.
Altitude *
Operating To 4,570 m (15,000 ft.)
Storage To 12,000 m. (40,000 ft.)
Thermal Shock 5°C/min. over operating temperature
Humidity Less than 95%, noncondensing
Vibration, Sinusoidal Sweep ¤ MIL-STD-202G, Method 204, Modified Condition A: 2g constant acceleration from 5 to 500 Hz, 20 min. per axis
Vibration, Random ¤ MIL-STD-202G, Method 214A, Condition A: 5.35g rms, 5 min. per axis
Mechanical Shock ¤ MIL-STD-202G, Method 213B, Condition G: 20g half-sine, 11 ms duration per axis
Security TPM Intel Trusted Platform Module 1.2 device. Atmel – AT97SC3204-U2MA-10
Memory System RAM 2 GB or 4 GB of soldered-on DDR3L SDRAM.
Video General Integrated high-performance video. Intel Gen-7 graphics core with 4 Execution Units and Turbo Boost. Supports DirectX 11, OpenGL 4, VP8, MPEG2, H.264, and VC1.
VRAM Up to 224 MB shared DRAM
Interface §
Mini DisplayPort++ output. 24-bit. Up to 2560 x 1600. Supports DisplayPort and HDMI signaling (Video and Audio outputs).
OEM Flat Panel Interface Single-channel LVDS interface. 18/24-bit. Up to 1024 x 768 (60 Hz). Backlight control signals.
Mass Storage Rotating Drive ¥ One SATA 3 Gb/s port. Latching SATA connector.
Flash / SSD ¥ On-board eMMC SLC Flash drive. 0 to 8 GB
One microSD socket. Bootable
Mini PCIe socket with mSATA support
Network Interface Ethernet Two autodetect 10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseT ports. Latching connector. Network boot option.
Device I/O USB ‡ § One USB 3.0 / 2.0 port and four USB 2.0 host ports
COM Interface Four RS-232/422/485 selectable. 16C550 compatible. RS-232 115 Kbps – RS-422/485 460 Kbps max.
Digital I/O Eight TTL I/O Lines 3.3V. Independently configurable.
Analog Input Eight channels. 12-bit. Single-ended. 500 Ksps. Independently configurable +/- 0.64V to +/- 10.24V high input impedance inputs
I2C Single I2C interface
Counter / Timers Three 8254 compatible Programmable Interval Timers (PITs).
VersaLogic SPI Interface Supports SPI and SPX devices. Supports up to two SPX modules.
Mini PCIe Card Socket Full size Socket #1 Supports Wi-Fi modems, GPS receivers, MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet channels, non-volatile flash data storage, and other plug-in modules. USB, SATA, and PCIe signaling. Autodetect mSATA support.
Full size Socket #2 PCIe and USB 2.0 signaling
Software BIOS AMI Aptio UEFI BIOS with OEM enhancements. Field reprogrammable.
Sleep Mode ACPI 3.0. Support for S3 suspend state.
Operating Systems Compatible with most x86 operating systems including Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, and VxWorks

† Represents operation at +25°C and +12V supply running Windows 7 with LVDS display, SATA, GbE, COM, and USB keyboard/mouse. Typical power computed as the mean value of Idle and Maximum power specifications. Maximum power measured with 95% CPU utilization.
◊ Derate -1.1°C per 305m (1,000 ft.) above 2,300m (7,500 ft.)
* Extended altitude specifications available upon request
‡ TVS protected port (enhanced ESD protection)
§ Power pins on this port are overload protected
¥ Bootable storage device capability
¤ MIL-STD-202G shock and vibe levels are used to illustrate the extreme ruggedness of this product in general. Testing at higher levels and/or different types of shock or vibration methods can be accommodated per the specific requirements of the application. Contact a VersaLogic Sales Engineer for further information.

Specifications are subject to change without notification. Intel and Atom are trademarks of Intel Corp. microSD is a trademark of SD-3C, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Software Support Packages

Windows Win 10
  • VersaAPI 1.4.7 Windows 10 64-bit (EPUs) - 1.4.7
    VersaAPI Application Programming Interface (API) Device drivers and VersaAPI included. Provides simplified I/O interface for most application languages.
    Supported Products: Blackbird (VL-EPU-4562), Condor (VL-EPU-4460), Raven (VL-EPU-3312), Osprey (VL-EPU-3311)
  • DRV-WIN10-BAYTRAIL - 1.0.0
    Driver Package (DRV) for VersaLogic boards based on the Baytrail platform including Viper (VL-EBX-38), BayCat (VL-EPM-31), SandCat (VL-EPM-39), Bengal (VL-EPMe-30), Osprey (VL-EPU-3311), and Raven (VL-EPU-3312). This package contains drivers for chipset, network, and IO.

Windows Win 7
  • DRV-WIN7-BAYTRAIL - 2.0.0
    Driver Package (DRV) for VersaLogic boards based on the Baytrail platform including Bengal (VL-EPMe-30), Baycat (VL-EPM-31), Hawk (VL-EPU-3310), Osprey (VL-EPU-3311), and Raven (VL-EPU-3312). This package contains drivers for chipset, network, IO, and video.

Linux Ubuntu
  • VersaAPI 1.4.2 for Linux (Ubuntu) 32- and 64-bit - 1.4.2
    VersaAPI Application Programming Interface (API) Device drivers and VersaAPI included. Provides simplified I/O interface for most application languages.
    Supported Products: Raven (EPU-3312), Osprey (EPU-3311), Bengal (EPMe-30), Baycat (EPM-31), Anaconda (EBX-18), Fox (EPM-19)
  • Ubuntu Home Page -
    Link to the Ubuntu website OS download page. Note that the EPMe-30 Bengal has been tested by VersaLogic with Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Linux Knoppix
  • Knoppix Home Page -
    Link to the Knoppix website OS download page. Note that compatibility with the EPMe-30 Bengal has been verified by VersaLogic with Knoppix Linux 7.4.2.

Operating System Compatibility

Win 10 - Tested & Compatible
Win 8 - Meets Specifications
Win 7 - Tested & Compatible
Win Std 7 - Tested & Compatible
Debian - Meets Specifications
Ubuntu - Tested & Compatible
Knoppix - Tested & Compatible
VxWorks - Meets Specifications
Neutrino - Meets Specifications
DOS - Meets Specifications

OS Compatibility Notes

  • Tested on Windows 10 (32-bit/Enterprise)
    Tested on Windows 10 (64-bit/Enterprise)
  • Tested on Windows 7 (32-bit/SP1/Ultimate Edition)
    Tested on Windows 7 (64-bit/SP1/Ultimate Edition)
  • Tested on Ubuntu Linux 14.04.03 LTS 32-bit
    Tested on Ubuntu Linux 14.04.03 LTS 64-bit


Part Number Description Photo
Cable Kit
VL-CKR-BB12EPU-3312 Raven/EPU-4012 Owl Eval. Cable Kit. Includes VL-CBR-0702, 1014x2, 1604, 2004, 2032, 0809, 4005, HDW-401, and 108.
VL-CBR-4005System I/O paddleboard
VL-CBR-0702SATA cable, latching, 20"
VL-CBR-0809Power adapter cable, 12V medium-power. ATX12 to Osprey/Raven. 12"
VL-CBR-1014RS232 two channel cable 2xDsub (9-pin), latching, 12"
VL-CBR-1604Dual Ethernet adapter cable, latching, 12"
VL-CBR-2004Analog I/O cable and paddleboard, 1mm 20-pin, 12"
VL-CBR-2032miniDisplayPort to VGA adapter, 6"
VL-HDW-401Thermal compound paste. For attaching heat plates and sinks.
VL-HDW-108Mini PCIe card / mSATA 10x hold-down screws for use with 2.5 mm standoffs, Metric thread, Nylon
Thermal Options
VL-HDW-416Passive Heat Sink. Mounts to heat plate on standard product 95 x 95 x 10.5 mm
VL-HDW-415Cooling fan for HDW-416/ 417 passive heatsinks, 12V
VL-HDW-408Heat Pipe system. Mounts to product’s heat plate. 55 x 84 x 8.2mm
VL-CBR-0203Battery module, 2-pin latching, 6"
VL-CBR-0401Power cable, ATX to SATA, 6.25"
VL-CBR-0503USB 2.0 Male A to Male Micro-B cable, 0.5 m
VL-CBR-0701SATA cable, 19.75"
VL-CBR-0901Pico-Clasp to two SPX cables, 9-pin. 9"
VL-CBR-1015USB 3.0 Micro A plug to 3.0 Micro B plug, 1 m
VL-CBR-2014LVDS to VGA adapter board
VL-CBR-2015LVDS / flat panel cable, 24-bit (Hirose), 20"
VL-CBR-2016LVDS / flat panel cable, 18-bit (JAE), 20"
VL-CBR-2017LVDS / flat panel cable, 24-bit 20-pin 1mm (Hirose) to 1.25mm (Hirose), 20"
VL-CBR-0404LED back light, 3-pin Pico-Clasp / 4-pin IDE power to 6-pin 12V, 0.5 m
VL-CBR-2031miniDisplayPort to miniDisplayPort, 36"
VL-CBR-2033miniDisplayPort to HDMI active adapter, requires DP port, 6"
Solid State Drives
VL-F41-8EBNSSD 8 GB SLC MicroSD card, industrial temperature
VL-F41-4EBNSSD 4 GB SLC MicroSD card, industrial temperature
VL-F41-2EBNSSD 2 GB SLC MicroSD card, industrial temperature
VL-ADR-01S USB to Audio Adapter -25° to +85°C
VL-PS-ATX12-300A 300W ATX-style development power supply (24+8-pin ATX connector)
VL-DEV-USB-VV1 VersaViewer: A real-time viewer for embedded hardware developers.
VL-HDW-111Half- to Full-Size MiniPCIe Adapter Kit. Metal adapter and 2x screws.

Expansion Modules

Part Number Description Form Factor
VL-MPEe-E3E Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEe-E4E Gigabit Ethernet Over Fiber Optic media (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEe-E5E Two Channel Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEe-FW1E 1394 Firewire Module, industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
Serial I/O
VL-MPEe-U2E RS-232/422/485 x4 + GPIO x12 Module, industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
Analog & Digital I/O
VL-MPEe-A1E Analog Input Module, x8 channels single ended (12-bit resolution), industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEe-A2E Analog Input Module, x8 channels single ended (16-bit resolution), industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-SPX-1 Analog Input Module, x8 Channels, industrial temperatureSPX
VL-SPX-2 Digital I/O Module, x16 lines, industrial temperatureSPX
VL-SPX-4 Analog Output Module, x4 single channels 12-bit, industrial temperatureSPX
VL-SPX-5 Solid State Switch Module, x8 channels, industrial temperatureSPX
VL-MPEe-V5E VGA and LVDS Interface, industrial temperature (PCIe signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEu-G2E GPS Receiver, industrial temperature (USB signaling)Mini PCIe
VL-MPEu-G3E Precision GPS Receiver, industrial temperature (USB signaling)Mini PCIe
Solid-State Storage (flash memory)
VL-MPEs-F1E32 32 GB mSATA drive, industrial temperature (SATA signaling)MSATA
VL-MPEs-F1E16 16 GB mSATA drive, industrial temperature (SATA signaling)MSATA
VL-MPEs-F1E4 4 GB mSATA drive, industrial temperature (SATA signaling)MSATA
VL-MPEs-S3E SATA Adapter, industrial temperature (SATA signaling)MSATA

Ordering Information

Model Processor Cores Speed RAM eMMC Flash Cooling Digi-Key logo
VL-EPU-3312-EAP E3815 1 1.46 GHz 2 GB None Heat plate
VL-EPU-3312-EBP E3827 2 1.75 GHz 2 GB 4 GB Heat plate
VL-EPU-3312-EDP E3845 4 1.91 GHz 4 GB 8 GB Heat plate

Export Information

Description Value
SCHEDULE B:8471.60.7000