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VersaLogic Single Board Computer (SBC) Soars with New Generation UAV

The VersaLogic Puma provides a small footprint, soldered-on RAM, fanless operation, low power consumption (5W) and is fully RoHS-compliant.

The developer of a first-generation radio controlled, electrically powered, dual-ducted Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft is using VersaLogic embedded computers for on-board control and monitoring functions. Weighing less than six pounds, the UAV can be carried in a backpack or small case and is equipped with a fully-functional GPS system for autonomous flight and position control. These small and nimble UAVs are able to fly into tight spaces, hover, capture video images, and send real-time data back to the user. Optional night vision cameras allow them to be flown into caves, dark buildings, and tunnels.

A VersaLogic SBC plays a key role in this highly flexible UAV. Among other things, the VersaLogic board is used to control and maintain the delicate thrust and angle balance of the powerful dual-duct system used to propel the vehicle. The high performance processing power of the SBC allows the UAVís fans to counter-rotate, eliminating the torque that is normally associated with a single rotor. This makes the vehicle easier to fly than most electrically powered helicopters, while delivering significantly more payload.

About VersaLogic

VersaLogic Corp. built its reputation on very-high-reliability products and superior service. A 35-year history of consistency has earned VersaLogic the reputation of being the industry's most trusted embedded computer company. VersaLogic delivers state-of-the-art embedded computers, coupled with expert technical support, for critical markets such as the medical and defense industries.